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How to Create a Group in e-mail
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Setting up a group in e-mail is a great way to email the same group of people consistently without having to key in their individual email addresses each time.  It's also a good idea to setup a group so you don't email an entire school when only some of the people need the information (ie all teachers, all classified, etc).

  • Open email
  • Click the Google Apps icon
  • Choose "Contacts" from the drop down

  • A new browser window will open showing contacts
    • Note:  emails being added to the group need to be added to contacts first if they are not already there.  
    • If adding WSD emails you can start to enter the email in the search bar and it will auto populate.
    • If adding other email addresses they will also auto populate from the search bar if you have emailed them in the past.  Otherwise, you can add them by creating a new contact.


  • Select the contacts to add to the group
    • Hover over name and box will appear beside name
    • Click box to select contact


  • Click the label icon at the top

  • Choose "Create Label" from the drop-down menu

  • Name the Group and click Save

Now when you compose an email just type the group name into the To: field and all the emails you added to the group will appear

  • If you are sending to a group of parents you may want to put your own email in the To: filed and then BCC the parent group so they can't see all the other parent emails.



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