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Apple TV Fix for Teachers
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Apple TV Fix 


If your Apple TV does not show up in your Airplay drop down list -

  • Check that your Apple TV connections (Wifi cord, HDMI and Power cord) are secure and not unplugged at the Apple TV, Television or projector.

  • Restart your Apple TV

    • With your Apple TV Remote go to Settings → General → Restart.

    • Allow sufficient time for the Apple TV to restart, stop blinking and resume with a solid white light.

  • Restart your computer

    • Click on the Apple Icon on the top left of your computer screen → Restart

  • Once both the computer and the Apple TV have restarted select the AirPlay Icon on the top right of your computer screen. Your Apple TV should now show up on the pull down list.


  • If having followed the above steps and your Apple TV is still not showing up in the AirPlay list please submit a Tech Ticket through your email and we would be happy to help troubleshoot further.

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