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Print to a Userbox on the Konica Copier
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Create a preset to print to your userbox on a Konica copier
(assumes tech has already created Userbox)


FIRST:  Get userbox # and password from Tech staff


Open a word document

Type in a word or two so you recognize what you’re printing

Click File, then Print from the menu (don’t click printer icon)

In the dialog that opens, click the drop down menu “Copies & Pages” and then choose Output Method



Next, on the drop down menu for Output method, chose Save in Userbox




When you choose that, it will pop up a small window asking for some information about your userbox.  The userbox number you got from tech support gets entered into the “User Box Number” spot



Now click OK


Next, you’ll create the preset so you don’t have to do the steps above again for this printer


Below the drop down to choose the copier, is one for Default settings.  Click it, and choose “Save current settings as preset”



In the pop-up, give the preset a name, like Userbox on DO Konica.  The same preset can work for both Konica copiers.  Click Print to send your sample document to the printer’s userbox.


For future print jobs, you can just choose the preset you named above “Userbox on DO Konica” from the preset menu, after choosing the Konica copier, and it will automatically send jobs into your box. 


To print,

  • Go to the printer
  • Tap Menu in the upper right edge of screen
  • Tap Userbox
  • (depending on # of people, Click the tab with the first letter of your last name)
  • Click your name
  • Type in your password (from tech support), then tap OK
  • Choose the document you want to print from the thumbnail views
  • Tap print along right edge
  • Choose any options (single side/duplex, color, # copies, stapling) that you want to change, then press the big start button at the bottom edge of screen


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