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How to Change e-mail Password
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  • Before beginning decide what your new password will be:
    • It must be at least 12 characters long
    • It must include three of the four requirements:
      • capital letter, lower case letter, number, symbol
    • Some options to think about would be a phrase from a favorite song, the title of your favorite book, something meaningful to you but that others would not be able to guess
    • Please don’t write it down where it could be seen and used by anyone else
  • Once ready then Click the picture or letter in the top right corner of e-mail

  • Click “Google Account”
  • Click “Security” from the left menu



  • Click “Password”

  • Enter existing password and then click "Next"
  • Enter new password, enter it again in Confirm new password and click CHANGE PASSWORD

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  • Once you have changed your password you will be prompted to enter the new password anywhere you are logged into your email (iPad, phone, home computer, etc)


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